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The periphery of the village of Nistelrode is characterised by loosely scattered farms and industrial sheds framed by bocages and leafy hedges. They are slowly being transformed and replaced by homes. The project for a new senior-friendly family home takes inspiration from the informal organisation of the surrounding farmsteads and takes the shape of a contemporary future-proof homestead.

Following the typical morphology of the area, the new buildings are divided into a detached main building and outbuilding. The volumes are set back from the street to preserve views on the historic neighbouring farmhouse. They are separated by a small courtyard around a characteristic tree and remain largely hidden between revitalised hedges, which provide shelter for animals and birds and are an important part of the local ecosystem. 

The layout is the result of dialogue on the long term strategy of a family with three young adult sons. The program is organised horizontally and divided into a ‘junior home’ and ‘senior home’ to make it ready for the future. The routing is both circular and linear, makes use of interior and exterior, and alternates between central halls and facade oriented circulation to create different functional zones. The structure itself is future proof by using passive heating and cooling systems, separated in climate zones, automated shutters on the south facade and PV-T system on the large green roof.

project - Farmstead Homestead

program - private villa 200m²

location - Nistelrode

status - concept design

client - private

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