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A design is more than an exercise in the efficient arrangement of spaces and materials. It requires observation and translation of the day to day routines of the user. The particular ‘living habits’ of the client were the starting point for the design of a living and working space in a transformed office space in Amsterdam. Habits and actions were linked to places, levels and objects, without directly translating them into ‘rooms’. This left open the possibility to overlap activities and reinterpret relations in surprising ways.

A wide day/night hall connects the high front space with the lower space in the rear. The hall doubles as playground and indoor racetrack for the kids. By the opening of large sliding doors a direct connection is made to the back yard. The T-shapes of the concrete structure return in the design of the steel mezzanine above the kitchen.

project - Home Work

program - living and working space 140m²

location - Amsterdam

status - completed 2020

client - private

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