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The project Medium Extra Ordinary, or Bijzonder Middelmatig, is a research into exceptional values of seemingly standard apartments. The medium sized home is an essential building blocks of the sustainable city. We feel that in the current race towards sustainability many new values ​​are being added to the vocabulary of construction, but there is little development in the standards that determine the value of use. Common Practice believes that the ideal future-proof home is modest, yet sufficiently special. The house is full of character and offers the necessary freedom, so that residents can enter into a long-term relationship with the building and the neighbourhood. In the research we address the values of experience and flexibility of use and try to visualise the relationship between the hard dimensions of structure and the soft dimensions of inhabitation.

project - Medium Extra Ordinary

status - research project 2021-22

support - Creative Industries Fund NL

photography - Max Hart Nibbrig, Inara Nevskaya

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