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The corner space of a 1915 Amsterdam urban block has had many identities over the years. Shop, pub, printing company, carpenter workshop, office, travel agency, coffeeshop, hair salon. For the latest transformation, many layers of previous modifications were removed to make a studio space. The ceiling was raised and a large block was inserted in order to hide the backoffice area and evoke feelings of depth and infinity in the otherwise compact layout.

Raw stucco and re-used wood give depth and texture to what first appears as abstract surfaces with sharp contrasts.

The floor was cut open to create a new access to the basement level and bring natural light down.

The experience of height is emphasised by making the rear spaces narrow, tall panel doors and the illusion of depth in the sequence of walls.

project - Studio Space

program - studio 60m²

location - Amsterdam

status - completed 2022

client - private

photography - Max Hart Nibbrig, Inara Nevskaya

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