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The tower house design explores the free standing minimum dwelling on the smallest possible footprint. It can be prefabricated and placed on small left-over patches of land, attached to the blind sides of an apartment block or be part of a high-density community of free standing homes.

With a total living area below 50m² the tiny tower unites qualities of the suburban private house with the economy of a compact urban apartment. The 4x4 footprint is designed to fit an 8x8 meter plot and distributes the functions of living, dining, sleeping and leisure over three interior platforms and the roof. The roof terrace is in lieu of a secluded private garden. A narrow porch in front is a threshold to the house and a place to socialise with neighbours. 

The interior levels are connected by a top-lit void, ensuring a connection to daylight, independent of the unpredictable context. The eco-friendly and cost effective wooden structure can be placed on a light foundation, is insulated with recycled paper cellulose and finished with low-maintenance stained wooden slats in contrasting colours.

project - Tower House

program - 46m² dwelling with minimal land use

location - Homeruskwartier Almere

status - competition 2016

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